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This week we saw what will probably turn out to be the biggest virus wave yet – the NovArg virus. SimpliTek has received at least 100 emails infected with this virus, but our anti-virus software caught them all. This is a good time to review the basics of keeping your computer healthy. These are probably ideas you have heard before but they bear repeating.

1. Most Important of All: you must be running anti-virus software on every computer you have on the Internet. We recommend Norton Anti-Virus if you don’t already have one. If you need it, buy it in a store and do not download it from their website.

2. Keep your subscription to the anti-virus files up to date. If yours has lapsed, you need to renew your subscription immediately – you can usually do this from within your anti-virus software by connecting to the vendor’s website and ordering the renewal with a credit card.

3. Set your anti-virus software to download the latest virus signature files automatically without any intervention. Don’t rely on memory or good intentions to keep these files up to date.

4. Never open an email from someone you don’t know. The mere act of opening an infected email can infect your machine. If there is anything suspicious about the email such as its title, who it is from, strange attachments, etc., simply delete it.

5. Do not download anything from the Internet unless it is essential and is coming from a reputable company. This includes music, games, screen savers or any “free” programs.

6. Never click on anything in a pop-up ad other than the red X to delete the window.

7.  Anti-spam software can help reduce the barrage of spam in your Inbox. We use and recommend iHateSpam from Sunbelt Software, which costs about $15 and works pretty well. Spam messages are frequently infected with viruses.

8. If you have only one computer, use the Internet Connection Firewall present in Windows XP to keep unwanted intruders off your machine.

9. If you have multiple computers, you really need a hardware firewall. Most routers which allow you to share an Internet connection among multiple computers also function as a firewall and are sufficient if properly configured.

If you need advice or would like SimpliTek to come out and assess your network to help you look for weaknesses and insecurities, call us.


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