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by Tom Mills

At SimpliTek, I have employed some strong personal productivity tools so that I can be equipped to help my clients do the same. Recently this came together in a really powerful way, and I want to share it with you.

A TYPICAL DAILY BUSINESS CURVEBALL: It was a busy Thursday and I was almost there for the breakfast meeting when my associate called and cancelled.
THE RESULT: Instead of two hours cooling my heels somewhere, or an unproductive round trip back to my office, I spent the unexpected time getting some important things done. All thanks to:

·        A wireless-equipped laptop

·        An Internet hot-spot where I could connect

·        The ability to connect to and operate my office
 PC using Internet remote access

·        The ability to synchronize Outlook with my PDA which doubles as a phone

·        The ability to make and receive phone calls without even pulling out the phone


So here I was, miles from my office and two hours until my next appointment. I was determined not to waste that time, so I pulled into the next Starbucks I saw. I brought in a few things from my briefcase, ordered a latte’ and sank into a comfortable chair. I turned on my laptop and immediately a wireless network connection was made with the T-Mobile Hotspot in the Starbucks, and the T-Mobile login page appeared. I logged in and was immediately granted access to the Internet. I checked Outlook to see if any new mail messages had arrived.

Then I called up a quote I was preparing for a customer and worked on it for about an hour. I was able to check Dell’s website for pricing on a PC from Internet Explorer. Then I realized I had left an important file on my computer back at the office. So, using my remote access tool GoToMyPC, I brought up the desktop of my office PC in Internet Explorer, found the file, and transferred it to my laptop across the Internet.

During that time I received a call on my Verizon Samsung i700 Cellphone / Pocket PC. Since I was wearing my headset, I reached down to my belt and pushed a button to start talking. The call was from a new contact, so I created a new contact entry for the caller in Outlook.  I later placed a call by pushing a button on the phone, then speaking the name of the person I wanted to call into the headset. The voice dialer recognized the name and dialed  the call. Both calls resulted in appointments which I recorded in my Outlook Calendar.

I finished the quote and emailed it to a partner for review. By this time my next appointment was approaching, so I pulled out a little retractable USB sync cable, attached it to my Pocket PC phone and plugged it into the laptop. The sync software sprang to life and synchronized my Outlook calendar and contacts with those on the PDA, adding the new contact and new appointments. I also transferred a PDF file to the Pocket PC so that I could refer to it without having to get out my laptop.

I then logged off the T-Mobile Hotspot, grabbed my things and was off to my next appointment.

If you want to get equipped to make the most of life’s curveballs, from wherever you are, call SimpliTek and let’s get going on improving your remote productivity tools. Technology for personal productivity has come a long way –

are you enabled?

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