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What is Your Backup Plan?

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There is a saying in the computer business: If you only have one copy of something, someday you will have no copies.

Backing up your data is one of those things that we all know we need to do, kind of like getting regular oil changes, flossing our teeth and keeping our will up to date. And, like these other things, it is always easy to take the Scarlett O'Hara approach and "think about that tomorrow".

If you had seen what we at SimpliTek have seen, you would know that when it comes to your data, tomorrow may never come.

This past week, one of our customers shut her computer down in the evening, and the next morning when she turned it on, the disk drive was totally dead. We were unable to restore one single file from that disk. It was 14 months old.

When this happens, there is nothing we can do to help. Your only option is to send the disk off to a restoration company which can sometimes get back some of the data. The starting price for this restoration: $1200. That's about the price of two new computers. And even for that much, some of your data may never be able to be restored.

A good backup solution costs far less than the price to restore even one failed disk drive. Today there are many, many options and they are surprisingly affordable.

It would take far more than a minute to tell you everything you need to know about backups, but suffice to say that if your backup plan is to hope you never lose any data, then we need to talk. We can help you come up with a plan that will keep your business-critical data safe from just about any hazard, and do so affordably and reliably. And without constant effort on your part to keep it working.

Stop for a minute and visualize your most important computer burning up right in front of your eyes. What impact would that have on your business? If that is just a minor hassle, then maybe you don't need a backup plan. But if that is a show-stopper, as it would be for most information businesses, then don't just keep hoping it doesn't happen to you.

Every byte of data eventually gets lost. It's what happens next that determines whether your business stops or goes on.

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